Spor Ekonomisine Farklı Bir Bakış: Fiziksel Aktivite Ekonomisi

Spor Bilimleri

3. International Conference on Sports for All and Wellness, kongresinde sunduğum Prof. Dr. Abdülkadir IŞIK hocamızla beraber hazırladığımız bildiri özetine aşağıdaki bağlantıdan ulaşabilirsiniz.

A Different Overview of Sports Economy: Physical Activity Economy

Spor Ekonomisine Farklı Bir Bakış: Fiziksel Aktivite Ekonomisi

Kongre Tam metin Kitabı: http://isfaw2020.isfaw.org/public/documents/isfaw2020-ozet-kitabi.pdf



Abdülkadir IŞIK , Mustafa KARATAŞ

Abstract: Physical activity economy is a concept that is widely used today. The study primarily includes a detailed description of physical activity and its elements. Physical activity is a concept that covers all the physical movements that we frequently perform at every stage today. For example, climbing stairs can be defined as a physical movement. However, when it comes to the economic aspect of physical activities, it is seen that activities that require more economic costs are handled. Because the economic analysis of activities that do not have economic consequences (in terms of revenue and cost) can be narrow. When it comes to physical activity, economic movements occur in a wide range from sports halls and stadiums to all sports equipment that allows exercise. For example, when focusing on the supply and demand analysis of a simple running socks, a bicycle helmet or a track suit, it turns out that there are dozens of sub-economy branches. Physical activity economy includes sports and active recreation, fitness and wellness segments, as well as equipment and supplies, clothing and footwear and technology markets. Today, the US recreational physical activity market ranks second with $ 264.6 billion and $ 109.3 billion. Sport and active recreation, which are an important part of physical activity, make up two thirds of the entire economy of physical activity with the most diverse, affordable and widespread activities. After revealing the physical activity elements and economic categories, the study focuses mainly on the economic activities that occur within this scope, production, employment and taxes. The situation and analysis of the physical activity economy today will be done.

Key words: Economy, Physical Activity, Sport